Kieron’s kiss says THANK YOU!

We are just a little bit excited in our house, perhaps you can tell!
Kieron had his trike delivered last week, I got a phone call on Monday 1st of December in the evening, and it was here on the Tuesday. He’s not been on top form for a few weeks and it’s amazing how much the trike and lifted his spirits.
I can not thank you all, and all your supporters enough for making cycling for Kieron possible.
You have asked for photos and yes, I’ve taken LOADS, however following Kieron’s relapse and further Intercrainal surgery to removed as much of the tumour as they could he suffered a right sided palsy. So yes he really is smiling and he is happy, it’s just difficult to read his expressions if you don’t know him. I did however manage to get a photo of his signing ‘thank you’ (to the uninitiated in the world of Makaton it’s the one where he looks like he’s blowing a kiss) which I think is beautiful – his was of expressing his thanks.
Big brother helped with the CFC #Rideforus poster, but Kieron did have a hand in it…….. Well a few actually.
Thank you so very much for making this possible for Kieron.