Jordan is flying on his CFC wheels!

Jordan Whittaker – From Cycling Active by Matt Lamy.Jordan Whittaker

“Jordan had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma — he had the final stage, stage four cancer,” Jordan’s dad Pete said. “He was diagnosed just before his 14th birthday and he went through treatment which finished about a year and a half ago.

“He had a racing bike before treatment but he’d outgrown it. But we spoke to our Macmillan nurse at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, and she said she might know some people who could help get a bike for Jordan. That was CFC. So we put an application in and we ended up receiving two bikes, one for Jordan’s 13-year-old sister Elsa as well, who has really supported him over the last couple of years.

“Since having cancer, Jordan has become really determined to win and to fight. So he decided to do a charity bike ride, 103 miles from Wolverhampton to Aberdovey earlier this year. He went across a lot of the Welsh hills. It was quite an achievement.

“Being given the bikes by CFC was a real blessing — it was probably just what we needed at the time. And because Elsa and Jordan both have bikes now, it means Sharon my wife and I go out cycling too, and even my dad, who is 82, will come and join us. So it’s had a really positive influence on our whole family.”

“I got my bike in mid-July — it’s a Trek 1 series,” Jordan said. “I jumped on it straightaway. With my racing bike I love seeing how fast I can get. Some of my friends have bikes now, so we go out together — it’s just a great thing to do.

“We went out to America in August and I cycled in Virginia. I climbed 4,500 feet in one ride. Then I rode back down, 10 miles of constant descent — I got up to 52mph! I’ve now looked into doing bigger rides, like to Scotland or in Europe. Soon after I got my bike I started planning a route from Cornwall up to Scotland. Dad thinks it will take two weeks, but I reckon it’ll only take a week.”