Isabella goes from bone marrow transplant to blue bike cycle in just two months!!

We have been having a wonderful time over the last few weeks on our amazing new bikes. Isabella has completely astounded us with finding the stamina to ride her new bike, just two months after her bone marrow transplant. She still gets tired but knowing her shiny new wheels are out there gets her going!

This lovely blue bike (she really wanted a blue bike!) has given her such motivation to get out there and it’s lovely to watch her enjoying herself. And I have found that the saying “you’ll never forget how to ride a bike” is true so mummy doesn’t have an excuse to stay at home anymore and we have enjoyed some lovely family bike rides. We have even booked a trip to the New Forest and plan to take the bikes with us.

Thank you so much on so many levels. The generosity you have shown us with awarding us both bikes means a lot – to Isabella for getting her stamina back and to me to able to share that with her.

Thank you.
Kate and Isabella.