Happy Yiannis pedalling solo!

From the moment Yiannis realized that he would be getting a trike, he was the happiest we have ever seen him since his operation to treat the brain cancer (October 2014). He was so exited and was insisting in showing everyone at the hospital the brochure and even kept it under his pillow at night!
When the trike arrived a few weeks later, he has been using it almost every day and we have been progressing from the back yard, to the neighbourhood, to the park (including uphill sections of the park). He is not able to walk on his own yet, but his strength has built up to the point where he can use the trike completely on his own for upwards of half an hour at a time! He is so good at it and so persistent in pedalling on his own without us helping him in any way. The exercise he gets on it is great and is no doubt helping immensely with his recovery.
We truly appreciate your effort and the help from the charity and please free to use the attached picture in any way you see fit. If there is anything else we can do to make more people aware of the benefits, in general or specifically related to information about how Yiannis is benefiting from this, we will be happy to so. It is the least we can do to help other children in a similar situation, as well as raise awareness of the charity’s work.

Again many thanks,

Leni and Pieris (Yiannis’ mum and dad)