Determined Katie Gets Pedalling!

Katie’s mum illustrates beautifully the strength and determination children fighting cancer are capable of.  Go Katie!!

“It’s my pleasure to send you a picture of Katie on her beautiful bike. She adores everything about it from the colour to the feeling she gets being able to mix with her friends on their bikes too. This has given her such a huge confidence boost its hard to put it into words. We are truly thankful for you and your support.

This is a big step for Katie. When we first took receipt of the bike, Katies initial elation turned to tears and frustration as she found she wasn’t able to propel the bike as she thought she would be able. This is due to her weak quad muscles , hips and the concentration needed from her to get her legs moving how she wants them to. It took several attempts and lots of tears for her to be able to do this. Sadly this is a result of the rumour compression on her spine which initially left her paralysed. Even. now when she goes on it, it isn’t plain sailing. It takes a lot of hard work from her but the feeling she gets, the smile beaming from her face says it all. It’s such a huge achievement to be able for Katie to ride a bike once more.

So my sincere apologies for the late picture. I however hope you think it was worth the wait. Katie didn’t feel ready to send you a picture until she had wrapped her head round it all and overcome her fears. Thanks for your patience. We hope you like it.”