Daisy’s New Lease of Life

“Daisy is totally blind, she lost both her eyes through cancer,” Daisy’s mum Marie says. “Six years ago Daisy was granted a wish by the Make A Wish Foundation, which was to have a track put in the garden where she could ride her trike. She loved this track and would hare round on it, but two years ago we moved to somewhere more suburban where it’s much harder for her to cycle.

“So she hasn’t been able to ride her bike at all, and she has outgrown her trike. But I was talking to somebody at the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust and they knew of Cyclists Fighting Cancer. They said: would Daisy like a bike? I said yes, the problem is she hasn’t got anywhere really to ride it safely.

“Mike at CFC really thought about what was the best option for her. He came up with the idea of a tandem trike and now Daisy can ride with her nine-year-old sister Rose, without relying on mum or dad running alongside her. They ride around the streets and to the park together. It’s amazing, I can’t get them off it. The first thing I had to buy were extra lights for the front because I couldn’t get them to come in at night.

“We’re just about the only family with children on our road, everybody else tends to be quite a lot older. The other day this old gentlemen came across and said: ‘That’s a wonderful bike, where did you get it?’ I explained and he said: ‘Oh, I really want one.’ I had visions of him riding it and having a heart attack but Poppy, Daisy’s six-year-old sister, turned round and said: ‘Its all right, it’s got a big basket on the back, he can sit in the basket’!

“It’s really hard for a totally blind child to go out and play; the world has to come to them. Daisy can’t take two steps on her own unless it’s a familiar environment, but this is something that she can just go out and do with her friends and her sister. It’s really made such a difference to her life, and to ours. Just watching her going up and down the road with such a huge smile on her face, it’s wonderful. So to CFC we say: thank you so much.”