Go Gideon!

“Gideon absolutely loves his new trike thank you so so much for giving him this opportunity to be like other children, he just loves it!!

After being diagnosed with a brain tumour and having years of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Gideon has posterior fossa syndrome, ataxia, dyspraxia and dysphasia and brain damage. His treatment left him paralysed for nearly 6 months and he’s having to re learn how to do everything and train his body to follow instructions again.

He remembers being well and healthy and was a very active bright little boy. Cancer has changed his life forever, despite having clear scans now his posterior fossa syndrome and other conditions will affect him for the rest of his life.

Riding his trike is something he can do independently, he has help for everything else even eating. We can’t thank you enough for putting that smile on his face. It’s something I will cherish and be thankful for every day! Thank you for everything you do and for the smile you’ve put on my baby boys face!”