CFC Success Stories

Suki is a star

Extract from Sukistar Facebook page

“Prior to diagnosis Suki, like many other four year olds, was attempting to ride a bike without stabilisers.

As the leukaemia began to spread through her body she became tired...

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Louis’ Story

“Louis had a lump develop on his neck in May of this year,” his dad Steve explained. “We thought it was just a gland that would go away but we took him to the...

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Ava and Alex Cycle Together

“Ava was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma at 19 months old and received months of chemotherapy, followed by a liver transplant. She was in remission but then shortly after her 4th birthday we were told that...

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Keeva’s Incredible Story

Keeva’s doctors were unsure if she would be able to walk again, she’s now able to cycle over 2km and is building strength every day! Read Keeva’s incredible story…

“Keeva, age 5, is ongoing with...

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Jameson’s Trike

My son, Jameson is 14 months into his battle against Medulloblastoma. Jameson has really struggled with the side effects of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy through the whole of his treatment. This along with his...

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Connor’s Story

Connor was diagnosed with bone cancer in the fibula of his right leg in 2015. Following his initial treatment, the decision was made to perform an above knee amputation in early 2016. As a...

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Toby’s Kart

Toby is now aged 9 but has been undergoing intensive treatment since he was 18 months was born with a genetic condition called SCID ( Severe Combined Immune Deficiency). It affects only 1 in...

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Mia’s Story


Mia has been battling cancer since the age of four. Her parents never thought they would see the day she could ride a bike without assistance. Thanks to the all the fantastic riders and...

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Dale’s Story

Dale on his trike

I’d love to tell you about my patient Dale and the difference your charity has made to his life.

Dale was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year when he was seven years old and ...

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