CYCLISTS FIGHTING CANCER enables children and young people living with cancer across the UK to regain their physical fitness, strength and confidence by giving them new bikes, adapted trikes, tandems, other equipment and support.

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Daisy’s first bike….

October 17, 2014

What can I say but thank you! You have made a three year old girl very happy with her first ever bike. She is going through grueling chemotherapy so this bike was a real treat... Read More

Abigail’s on a roll!

August 22, 2014


I have attached some photos of Abigail with her new bike, I cannot thank you enough for this. Abigail got the bike Wednesday and hasn’t been off it since, she is loving being able... Read More


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Cyclists Fighting Cancer
Facebook IconOctober 27, 2014 at 10:21 am

Here's Ruby and Mum, Vanessa at the Manchester Velodrome with CFC Trustee and bike fit specialist Richard Salisbury receiving their bikes.
Diagnosed with Leukaemia (ALL), Ruby is now in remission. During much of her years of treatment, she was in a wheelchair. She was 5 years old at diagnosis and is now 9. She suffered with severe muscle wastage, joint and bone pain and has had years of physio. She is now able to walk mostly without a limp, her balance has also greatly improved. Until now, she has never felt ready to try to ride a bike and is now worried that she'll never be able to do it. Mum tried her on a friend's bike but it was too heavy for her and she has no experience of cycling whatsoever.
Thanks to Richard for getting Ruby and mum pedalling. @pedalprecision

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Freya’s Story

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Toby’s Kart

Toby is now aged 9 but has been undergoing intensive treatment since he was 18...